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Ginesta Immobilien – Our new art exhibition: Hyperrealism has arrived in Küsnacht

Christoph Eberle presents his works at our headquarters

Changing exhibitions always from November to November Year after year, we make the walls of our offices available to an artist to present himself to our customers, visitors and employees for 12 months. Recently the works of Christoph Eberle, one of the most renowned hyperrealists of today, have been hanging here. Works that captivate, calm and inspire At first glance, every picture looks like a photograph, that's how meticulously accurate the worldwide renowned Zurich hyperrealist Christoph Eberle paints. With the precision of a human printer, he brings the colour onto the canvas and yet always adds something of himself. Every painting is based on an independent visual idea, which always leaves room for interpretation. You always find yourself getting lost in the details, fascinated, before you turn back to the whole and feel how the effect and the feeling is a little different every time you look at it from different perspectives. Also because one tries to imagine the painter at work with his motivation, concentration and patience. In this way, despite the undisputed clarity of the motifs, one experiences the paintings again and again and remains fascinated. This is certainly the case for us and we are happy about his works on our walls every day. A joy that we would like to share with you:

Until November 2021 - Christoph Eberle at Ginesta in Küsnacht Unfortunately, the current situation has prevented us from starting this artist year with a vernissage. Therefore we are happy to open the exhibition to interested visitors during our office opening hours. Of course, the usual Corona rules of conduct apply and we would be pleased to receive a short advance notification by e-mail at, especially for group visits of up to five people. By the way, all exhibited works are for sale and can be reserved during your visit. Of course we will make up for the official opening with a personal introduction of the artist in the form of a vernissage as soon as the Corona situation allows.


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