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LUZI Altbau als hyperrealistisches Ölbild

Das Schweizer Familienunternehmen LUZI fragrance compounds entwickelt Düfte – mit viel Erfahrung und Innovationsgeist. Ob für Parfums, Kosmetika, Räume oder Haushalt.

Ein Neubau ist in Arbeit und soll im Laufe des Jahres bezogen werden. Der Altbau wird als Ölbild umgesetzt um an der "Erinnerungswand" im Neubau mit anderen Erinnerungsstücken präsentiert zu werden. An important milestone in the history of LUZI is coming up: the move to our new headquarters. In our current building, we have grown from a staff of around 15 people in 1968 to around 130 today. We increased the turnover produced here from about 6 million CHF to about 70 million CHF. Hundreds of large, successful fragrances were crafted in our current building. Countless personal stories also took place here. To commemorate this important era in our history, we came up with something special: we had our current building immortalized in a work of art by the internationally renowned hyper-realist Christoph Eberle.

That's right - this is not a photo, but a painted picture! We look forward to giving this work a fitting place on our new Heritage Wall very soon.


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