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February 14 to March 30, 2021

REDis is an online exhibition experience exploring the color red as a symbol, emotion, force or attitude as expressed by sixty-five artists from over 20 different countries.

Each artwork was carefully selected for its characteristics exploring a wide range of emotions, expressions and ways of making. Together, they create a unique synergy around one of the most dominant colors of the spectrum.

Red has, for hundreds of years, been associated with blood, power, danger and sacrifice. At the same time, red stands for the color of love, passion, and joy. What emotion does red evoke in you?

The exhibition is sponsored by the Art NXT Level Academy, helping artists thrive in the world. It was curated by Sergio Gomez and assisted by Ana Sofia Rodriguez Bernal.

Group Show

Finale 2020



verlängert bis Ende März 2021

Gemischte Ausstellung

Dutoit Galerie und Rahmenkunst AG
Suhrenmattstrasse 2
5035 Unterentfelden


Hallo, Tod! 



26. bis 28. Mai 2021, Zürich

Kulturhaus Helferei

Kirchgasse 13, 8001 Zürich