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Light-drenched Slabs of Meat – the Beautiful Hyper-realistic Paintings of Christoph Eberle

Article on Cube Breaker While hyper-realistic painting always comes off as a mind-bending feat in technical skill, oftentimes artistic interpretation will get taken out of the equation (what’s there to interpret, after all, when you’re painting directly from life?). Not the case with Christophe Eberle’s crazy-life-like images – there’s a soulful point-of-view pouring out of every landscape and still life he produces. Using fine and concise brushstrokes, Eberle crafts richly textured, haunting images – especially those of the slabs of meat. Pork belly, bacon – all marbled, fatty, glistening red…the slab of flesh is disconcerting but oddly beautiful. Eberle’s use of light and shadow is particularly impressive; it lends gravitas and seriousness to his otherwise mundane and banal subject matter.

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