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The flying fruit bowl

Christoph Eberle is a collector of impressions, situations, objects and concepts. He transforms these into hyper-realistic oil paintings with very fine and concise brushstrokes.

Born in Zurich, he originally graduated as an architect at the ETH Zurich. The autodidact is strongly influenced by old masters like Caravaggio, Vermeer van Delft, Jacques

Louis David, Caspar David Friedrich and Segantini. Contemporary art is also an important inspiration. Often everyday situations are the trigger for a picture idea. These moments in which light and space create a moment of clarity and intensity – a kind of “film still” from his personal movie.

Photos are the starting point in the process of creating a painting. Behind them is the aim to create images that are coherent, self-contained and offer room for interpretation. In this way a strong and independent visual idea will be dissipated and not a slavish copy.

Eberle regularly takes part in solo and group exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad. He has an excellent international network of hyperrealist artists. Together with Jacques Bodin, one of the main representatives of the European hyperrealism movement, he runs the website.


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